Version 1.4 is on its way!

Greeting LFRers!

The next update to LEFT FOOT RIGHT is nearly here! I’ve been hard at working programming the iOS version of the game (which I can safely say is about 40-50% complete). But the good thing about having to program each card individually is that I’ve been able to catch some of the inconsistencies/game balance issues that come from playing the same cards over and over again… In other words, this is probably the biggest update to the game in a while!

Cards have simpler texts, some cards have been modified to be much stronger than they previously were, and I’ve also updated some of the images (more colour is always a good thing). Overall, the game should be much quicker to play now and also be a lot more balanced than it previously was (but still absurdly unpredictable!). Be on the lookout for this next update in the coming weeks.

Until then, battle on!

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