Version 1.4 Has Arrived!

Dear LFRighters,

The wait is over! The newest edition of LFR is now available to download and print. This is a fairly big update gameplay-wise as it addresses many of the various balancing issues that have been a part of the game since its conception. Some of the changes include card power changes, better variations amongst tags (it should be easier to get a tag trending now), some design alterations, and more. Click here to download it.

Now for the iOS update: I can safely say that the game is a solid 50% done. I’ve managed to get most of the cards working now so it’s mainly making the computer AI stronger and also working on the design/frontend aspect some more. So far, I’ve only had to remove two cards from the game, which is pretty good since I thought the number would be higher (I kept running into programming obstacles but I’ve gotten better the longer I work on the project). The cards that will be omitted but will remain in the downloadable game are “Girlfriends and Guyfriends” and “This Card is Broken”. I’m hoping that I’ll have some screenshots to post here before the year is over!

Until then, battle on!

Statue of Liberties

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