Version 1.5 is here!

Attention LFRighters, the final version before the iOS release is here at last! This release addresses some of the balancing issues that allowed players to win with a select few personalities (*cough Secret Service cough*). Additionally, I’ve had to finally remove a few of the more overly powerful cards in the game. This Card is Broken had a pretty great run (and was already removed from the iOS app) but alas, it’s too strong for even the print version of the game. I’ve also removed fan favourite, Black People Don’t Care About Black People, because it was slightly unbalanced. It might return in a future release, though in an updated form. Shall we all bow our heads in a united moment of silence for our old friend? BPDCABP has been a part of LFR since the very beginning.

Up next, the iOS release!!!


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