Version 1.7 is here!!!

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Holy moly! It’s been almost a year and half since LEFT FOOT RIGHT was updated. But the wait is over! The long gestating “Along Came A Sphere” expansion has actually been ready for publication since early 2015 but I wanted to release it along with the new LFRM web app (which is still forthcoming–it’s just taking me longer than I thought to plan the whole thing out properly). Enjoy the print version in the meantime though which has a few new cards and some updated old ones!

Version 1.6 now available!

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated the print version of the game but 1.6 ensures that it’s kept up-to-date with the iOS version!

Get it here now!

LEFT FOOT RIGHT for iPhone Now Available

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LEFT FOOT RIGHT for iPhone Now Available

It’s been a long time coming. Download it here.

Version 1.5 is here!

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Version 1.5 is here!

Attention LFRighters, the final version before the iOS release is here at last! This release addresses some of the balancing issues that allowed players to win with a select few personalities (*cough Secret Service cough*). Additionally, I’ve had to finally remove a few of the more overly powerful cards in the game. This Card is Broken had a pretty great run (and was already removed from the iOS app) but alas, it’s too strong for even the print version of the game. I’ve also removed fan favourite, Black People Don’t Care About Black People, because it was slightly unbalanced. It might return in a future release, though in an updated form. Shall we all bow our heads in a united moment of silence for our old friend? BPDCABP has been a part of LFR since the very beginning.

Up next, the iOS release!!!

Version 1.5 is on its way… As well as something else…

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Version 1.5 is on its way... As well as something else...

Hey LFR fans, it’s been a while!
Thankfully, I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on LFR iOS which should be dropping basically any day now! (it mostly depends on how long it takes for Apple to review my submission). When the app finally emerges, I’ll also be posting an update of the print version which mostly includes small changes that have to do with gameplay and the like. Now, after months of putting this together, I can FINALLY return to the core game and start making some new cards–drawing illustrations, play-testing new mechanics… that sort of thing.

Until next time! (which should be soon hopefully)

Version 1.4 Has Arrived!

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Version 1.4 Has Arrived!

Dear LFRighters,

The wait is over! The newest edition of LFR is now available to download and print. This is a fairly big update gameplay-wise as it addresses many of the various balancing issues that have been a part of the game since its conception. Some of the changes include card power changes, better variations amongst tags (it should be easier to get a tag trending now), some design alterations, and more. Click here to download it.

Now for the iOS update:

Version 1.4 is on its way!

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Greeting LFRers!

The next update to LEFT FOOT RIGHT is nearly here! I’ve been hard at working programming the iOS version of the game (which I can safely say is about 40-50% complete). But the good thing about having to program each card individually is that I’ve been able to catch some of the inconsistencies/game balance issues that come from playing the same cards over and over again… In other words, this is probably the biggest update to the game in a while!

Cards have simpler texts, some cards have been modified to be much stronger than they previously were, and I’ve also updated some of the images (more colour is always a good thing). Overall, the game should be much quicker to play now and also be a lot more balanced than it previously was (but still absurdly unpredictable!). Be on the lookout for this next update in the coming weeks.

Until then, battle on!

Version 1.3 is now available!

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The next update to LFR is finally here! Version 1.3 mostly addresses some game balancing issues but I also tweaked some of the colour design and altered some of the card powers that were either too strong or too weak.

The game is now pretty far from the “broken” state it was in when it was first released. So from now on the updates will likely feature rule changes/additions and possibly a few more cards until the iOS version comes out. Until then, battle on!

Click here to download the new version.

Version 1.3 is coming!

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Hello LEFTFOOTRighters!
Yes, it’s been a while since the last update but some good news is on the way. The game’s getting a complete overhaul, in terms of rules/gameplay, so be on the lookout for an update that’ll be surfacing within the next few weeks. Also, the next update will address some balance issues (card effects will be tweaked and whatnot). Finally, some new cards should be ready to debut (the first new ones in nearly a year)! With new artwork!

Until then, battle on…

Version 1.2 is live!

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Version 1.2 is live!


Yes, it’s been quite a while but the newest version of the game is now online! This latest version features several tweaks to a few of the card powers, completely new illustrations in some cases, and some slight changes to the card design.

Also, some big news! I’m in the midst of programming the IOS app version of the game! Hopefully, that’ll be forthcoming in the next several months. Until then, battle on!

You can download the new version here.